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Pageantry Resources

Hair & Makeup

Whether you need to shine on stage or feel perfect on your big day, LPEMA is there to enhance your natural beauty!

Program Page/Ads

Need a program page done for your next pageant? Or have a sponsor who would like an ad made? L.P.E.M.A. can help!

Virtual Consulting

Need some extra pageant or entertainment advice but don't have time or money to go to a coach? Let's sit down and go over your concerns. This inlcudes help with wardrobe, as well.

Pageant Consulting
Need a video made for your website? Or maybe you need helping editing music for your next pageant. L.P.E.M.A. can help and with flat rates, you will always be showing off your best! This inlcudes help with wardrobe, as well. (CO only)